A lot of work, but a lot of love. We hope to touch and change lives in several ways. Founder, Sarah Evans sharing notes with local children AND providing life long access to water. Thank you for your dedicated work, Sarah!

A little throwback to hitting water in Kenya in 2014. Every trip, every well, and every smile makes us thankful for what we do. Photo by Brett Buchanan #Tbt #ThankfulThursday

A young girl may be forced to drop out of school at puberty because there are no adequate sanitation facilities available - or be forced to leave by her family, who needs her help to carry water long distances. #CleanWaterWednesday Photo by Brett Buchanan

On Tuesday's we like to express our gratitude for our amazing tech team. Without the volunteer work of these individuals, our wells would not be as successfully built as they are. #TechTeamTuesday #WellAware

Happy, happy birthday to our board member, Paul! We are so fortunate to have his guidance, expertise, compassion and leadership on our team. We are so grateful for you, Paul, and we hope you have a wonderful day!

We love seeing you smile! Access to clean drinking water means access to education. With education comes increased quality of life and overall happiness. #FunnyFotoFriday #WellAware #DoGood

Just like this boy, we are thankful for all YOUR support and donations. With just $25/month, you can provide water to 30 people for 20+ years. A little bit goes a long way! #ThankfulThursday #WellAware

Today we are thankful for the passion and hard work of all who have been and continue to be involved with the work of Well Aware! It’ because of YOU that we are able to bring #cleanwater to so many. “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” - Dr. Maya Angelou #TBT #ThrowbackThursday #WellAware

WHY WE DO IT - THE STORY OF KARUI A six year-old girl named Karui lived on the side of a hill in a small tin structure on the dirt in Mithini, Kenya. She was taken into an “orphanage” of nine children who all lost their parents to AIDS. They were all sick from typhoid or malaria and spent several hours each day hiking up and down the hill to a collection of dirty water. This contaminated water, brought back in a wheelbarrow and jerry cans, was their only source for cleaning, cooking and drinking. That’s all that Karui had and all she had ever known. We visited Mithini in 2011, and Karui told us how badly she needed water. Six months later, Well Aware installed a water well for her and her whole community. Today, Karui lives in a proper dorm with plenty of space and 78 other children. She walks only a few steps to a faucet whenever she needs clean water. She helps every day on the several plots of irrigated crops. She reads books to the younger children at the new preschool there, and she likes to watch the construction of the primary school being built next door where she will be a student next year. When we spoke to her this summer, she told us she is so happy to be healthy, learning lessons, and likes all of the yummy fresh food she eats every day. Karui's story is the story of Well Aware. It is our mission to ensure her story of change continues, one well at a time. #WellAware #CleanWater #DoGood

NASA | Earth's Water Cycle

Water is the fundamental ingredient for life on Earth. Looking at our Earth from space, with its vast and deep ocean, it appears as though there is...

Where does your water come from? How does it get there? By understanding the hydrologic cycle (AKA: The water cycle) one can easily answer these questions. Topography, climate, and geographic location are just three components of the many that determine how your water reaches you. To learn more about the scientific processes behind the water cycle watch the following video produced by NASA: #WellAware #Water

“Teamwork - Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Staying together is SUCCESS.” - Henry Ford We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing tech team on the grounds surveying the water and building sustainable infrastructure to provide water and opportunity to communities in East Africa. #TechTeamTuesday #Thankful #WellAware

Today is a special day: Happy birthday to our amazing project manager, Mike. Thank you for your heart of gold & dedication to improving the lives of others. #TechTeamTuesday #WellAware

Austinites – Do you know where your water comes from? In Austin, like several other places around the world, we depend on a karst aquifer, namely the Edwards Aquifer. Today we challenge you to learn where your drinking water comes from! #WellAware

Our motivation? The kids. With access to clean water we can help send these kids to school, improve their health, and ultimately impact the rest of their lives. #MotivationMonday #WellAware

Happy birthday to our valued board member, Tom Murphy! Thank you for your dedicated work; we greatly appreciate you and your expertise in business development & fundraising. Have a fantastic day, Tom!

The Ripple Effect: Our water wells not only provide clean drinking water, we also see increase in gender equality, education, crop output, and economic growth. That is success! #WellAware #DoGood

A special shout-out to some of our current brand partners on this beautiful Saturday: Thank you for your involvement in our mission to transform and empower communities with lasting, clean water. You too can get involved in our work by volunteering, joining our Village, partnering, sponsoring or donating. Your passion, your time and your finances can go a long way. For more info and opportunities on how to get involved with us, visit: #SavingLivesSaturday #DoGood #WellAware

Wow, what a trip this has been! We couldn't have asked for a better group of Rafikis to join us in Kenya this summer. This group has put in so much hard work the last couple of weeks and we are so thankful for each and every one of them. America, we'll see you soon! #CleanWater4Life #WellAwareTeam #WellAware #CleanWater #Kenya #Thankful #HardWork _______ 📷: Manny Pandya Photography

We are so grateful for the amazing Kareece. On her second tour with #WellAware, she has been steadfast and kind, patient and hard-working, a joy to be with and a ray of sunshine when we have all needed it most. We love you, Kareece, and we appreciate your dedication to this team and our work so very much! 🙏😘💧 #CleanWater4Life #Tanzania #Kenya #gratitude #TeamAware

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