We're not all work and no play; we still have time for fun on our trips. Did you know we're accepting applications for our 2018 Rafiki trip to Kenya? More info on our website under Get Involved -> Travel Opportunities. #FunnyFotoFriday #WellAware Photo by Manny Pandya Photography Manny Pandya

Water is a part of every production process. Learn more about the amount of H2O that goes into your food so you can make smarter, more sustainable eating choices when possible! #WaterFactWednesday #WellAware

A friendly reminder to stop by the eco-friendly ALEX AND ANI for our profit share today! The event is held at the Domain Northside from 3-7 pm, where they will feature their newest collection. Happy shopping everyone!

At Well Aware we work with communities, not for them. We understand that the communities in which we work know better than anyone else regarding what they need, and we listen. #WellAware #CleanWater4Life Photo by Greg Davis - National Geographic Creative Photographer Greg Davis Manny Pandya Photography

Well Aware has a few new Fall Internship positions open! We are looking for an operations intern, a development intern and a social media intern. Start date/training ideally mid August. Please send your resume and application to

Stop by Alex and Ani for a profit share this Thursday, July 20th, at the Domain Northside. The event will run from 3-7 pm, we look forward to shopping the gorgeous, new designs with you! ALEX AND ANI ALEX AND ANI #ProfitShare #DoGood #WellAware

Happy birthday Faith Beltz! Mother, volunteer, community advisor, certified midwife and licensed bookkeeper... Who said you can't do it all and much more? Thank you for your dedicated work, Faith. Have a beautiful day!

People wonder how we're able to help so many people in such a short period of time, this is how. #SavingLivesSaturday #DoGood Photo by: Greg Davis Photography

It's important to know that it takes both energy and water to produce food. Take a look at this infographic by Sierra Club & the Water Campaign for some quick stats on how much water it takes to produce a single cheese burger. #WellAware

"Better water sources also means less expenditure on health, as people are less likely to fall ill and incur medical costs, and are better able to remain economically productive." - WHO #WellAware #CleanWater4Life Photo by: Manny Pandya Photography Manny Pandya

To better conserve water while maintaining a lawn, water before 10:00 AM or after 6:00 PM so that evaporation is kept to a minimum while you maximize your watering efficiency. If you live in drought-prone regions like Texas and California, we recommend you look into xeriscaping! #WellAware #DoGood Brett Buchanan Photography Brett Buchanan Photography

Some benefits of rainwater collection systems & why we install them: - Rainwater is relatively clean, and a free source of water - Harvesting uses simple technologies that are inexpensive & easy to maintain - Rainwater can be used as a main source of water or as a back up source to wells and municipal water - Rainwater promotes self-sufficiency and helps conserve water #WaterFactWednesday #CleanWater4Life

Our wells are built with innovative, sustainable design that will provide access to clean, safe water for life. We can say that with certainty because our wells have a 100% success rate, unlike other wells. #TechTeamTuesday #WellAware

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95 percent of your water footprint isn't from a long shower or running your washing machine—it's from the food, energy and products you use every day. Check out our interactive infographic that shows all the ways your daily dose of water adds up on a typical day:

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