Erick Smith

project management advisor

Erick is a project management advisor to Well Aware with over 30 years of design engineering, product development and IT project management experience. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. His project management career started with 14 years of design-construction projects in the electric utility industry at Entergy Corporation and then transitioned to high tech industry with 18 years of hardware and software development at Dell.

Erick’s interest in fresh water systems was first wetted (pun intended) during a trip to Guatemala in 2011 as part of a fresh water well drill team. He is impressed and honored to be part of a Well Aware team so dedicated and focused on providing the best solution to address communities’ water needs.

Physical Address
411 W Monroe Street
Austin, TX 78704

Mailing Address
3571 Far West Blvd PMB 229
Austin, TX 78731

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