Mike (Joshua) Mutuku

project manager

Mike Mutuku is a technical field advisor in Kenya for Well Aware. He first met Sarah Evans, founder and executive director of Well Aware, in 2010 when she and her team were visiting projects in Kenya. Sarah and Mike bonded immediately over their shared passion for helping people and communities, and from then on, Mutuku has been a crucial part of the Well Aware team, overseeing and monitoring all of the projects in Kenya. Well Aware is not the first humanitarian effort Mutuku has been involved in. In 1993-4, Mike served as a Peace Keeper in the former Yugoslavia. He assisted elderly people, who were left behind when others fled their homes when the war broke out, providing them with food and water. Working with Well Aware has been both heart and soul-fulfilling for Mutuku. He enjoys witnessing people in real need get sources of water and changing their lives for the better

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