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Alamach, Isiolo County, Kenya

The community of Alamach lost their water well in 2012 and is currently retrieving unsafe water from seasonal streams 4-5 kilometers away. When the streams dry up, they must walk 12 kilometers (both ways) to the closest functioning water well. Typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery are all affecting the children there, and they have deaths from animal attacks on their walks to retrieve water. The livelihood of the community is livestock, and they are not well, either.

Well Aware's Technical and Community teams have recommended the following for system and community revitalization:

  • New elevated structure with additional water
  • New solar-powered pump and solar panels
  • Tap stand with water kiosk on site for distribution
  • Animal trough on site
  • Assistance completing pit latrines on site
  • Additional piping
  • Security fence

Population: 5,000+

Project Category: water well rehabilitation

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