Ndabibi, Kenya Community Water Well

There are 20,000 people in Ndabibi and surrounding areas who once accessed a water well that broke. The community was devastated, and the schools, clinic, fish ponds and agriculture that they built and maintained were all but abandoned without water.

We met the community in Ndabibi in 2013 and listed to stories about the struggles of childbirth there without a functioning clinic. The following year, Well Aware returned to dril a new well for the community of Ndabibi. The existing infrastructure enabled the community to almost instantly begin to proper again.

The clinic now serves almost 100 patients a day. The classrooms are packed, and they have begun construction for additional school buildings. The gardens are thriving, and the fishponds are full of fish again. Water-related illnesses have plummeted. The community is thriving.

• Partner organizations: Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, Naivasha Rotary Club

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