The #WellAware team is headed to Beaumont today to help surrounding areas with water quality and treatment. We have a truck full of @dayoneresponse water bags that we just picked up at @thirstyplanetbrewery and we are ready to get to work! We are so grateful to @toyotausa for making this relief project possible. #stay tuned for updates on our work in #Texas this week! #hurricaneharvey #disasterrelief #teamaware #beaumont #austin #herewego #gratitude #partnership

A huge round of applause to Armadillo Mobile Canning for helping us transport canned water to #Harvey victims in Southeast Houston. Without you this would still just be a hopeful idea. Thank you for you assistance AMC! πŸ’™πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’§

A key to our success lies within our constant involvement with the community during the design, construction and post-implementation stages. #TechTuesday #CleanWater4Life

This young man bakes and sells cookies in his "free" time to raise awareness and funds for our clean water systems. Davis Sharp, we are so proud of you and so honored to have your support! πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’§ #classrooms2cleanwater #kidswhocare #cleanwater4life #thefuturelooksbright

Water truly is the key to life - with access to clean water comes access to education and access to all kinds of opportunity for positive change. Lets tackle these issues at the root of their cause. #MondayMotivation CleanWater4Life #WellAware

Saving 1 Million Gallons of Water a Day: Sustainable Lessons From Jones Potato Farm | Growing Produce

Like most growers, Alan and Leslie Jones don’t like all the fingers pointed at farmers for problems the community faced. The natural impulse when...

"Win/win business and environmental objectives are as good as it gets. The more producers can do with less inputs, the better off we all will be, improving efficiency and lowering carbon footprint.” Read about the sustainable approach taken by one Florida potato farmer:

The Saints of Valory music video "Escapades" that was filmed on their trip to Kenya with us is nominated for two awards at the Music Video Fest this week!! Hip Hip hurray!

With access to clean water, girls have time to attend to their studies so they can live better lives for generations. #SavingLivesSaturday #WellAware Manny Pandya Photography

Happiest of birthdays to board member Lori Thomas! We hope today, like all days, is filled with love and laughter. Keep shining! Love, the Well Aware team

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Join us and The Movie Making Men for our Welcome Home Happy Hour this evening! When: TODAY! 5pm-8pm The ABGB 1305 Oltorf St W, Austin, Texas 78704

Well Aware Community Manager, Karen, speaks about her latest meetings with one of the Kenyan villages suffering from water-related issues: "One man explains that the morning part women take their children to school some 5-10 km away and spend the afternoon fetching water...Man and animal drink from the same bowl. By sharing, they save both time spend in pursuit of water and water used. I take them through hand washing techniques, proper food handling and water treatment, I am hopeful that the next visit will be different." We want to thank Karen for educating village members on the importance of water and hygiene - without education many of the problems would persist despite access to clean drinking water. #DoGood #ThankfulThursdays

With access to clean water these girls have more time and freedom to dedicate to attending school rather than fetching water. Photo by: Manny Pandya #WellAware

Happy days: Our filtration bags arrived at @thirstyplanetbrewery! Can't wait for these to arrive in Houston for #Harvey victims. Thank you Thirsty Planet, @dayoneresponse, and @toyotausa for all your contributions. Water is on its way, y'all!

Toyota USA

Our incredible #ToyotaMOIs DayOne Response, Inc. LuminAID, and Well Aware are helping those affected by the devastation of natural disasters. Thanks to these amazing women, victims will have access to thousands of phone chargers and lanterns and 2M liters of clean drinking water.

What about latrines, proper washing of hands? - With access to water comes a need for water and hygiene education. Our community manager, Karen, speaks openly about life in a typical East African village: "No-there are no latrines. A good number of the population has never seen a latrine. Huge trees with wide bucks serve as latrine. One covers up their waste with soil, and dusts their hand or rubs them between dry leaves. A bath is a luxury taken once in forever. I now understand the rampant skin infections and water borne diseases in the community." At Well Aware we aim to teach communities about the importance of water-hygiene techniques in addition to implementing the infrastructure required for clean water. This will reduce the frequency of disease spread by poor sanitation. Manny Pandya Photography

Austin Young Chamber

The FAVE Awards are coming; It’s time for AYC members to vote! Here are the finalist for the FAVE Local Non-Profit: Art From the Streets Center for Child Protection DivInc Little Herds Well Aware If you’d like to participate, become an AYC member at

If you are member of AYC (or you know one), can you please vote for us and/or spread the word? Thank you, Austin TX, for your incredible support over the years!!

We want to thank everyone that made it to our event in Springfield, MO. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did - lets continue our great work together! #CleanWater4Life #WellAware

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