Anna Provenzano

development associate

Anna (she/her) is a graduate of Texas State University where she received her Bachelor of Science with Honors in Anthropology and Geography. While at Texas State, she had the incredible opportunity to travel and participate in the semester-long program at Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon Semester, where she was introduced to many social, political and environmental issues, including water scarcity, surrounding the region. Because of her experience at Grand Canyon, she was compelled to explore the region further when she wrote her undergraduate honors thesis redefining the traditional definition of dispossession as it applies to physical land, and applied it to the dispossession of Native American religious freedom in the face of a proposed Grand Canyon development project. Researching this topic and seeing first-hand the impact of global climate change and how it directly correlates to water scarcity in already water-stressed areas, such as the Southwest United States, is what drove her toward work in the non-profit field. She is beyond excited to work with Well Aware and to help provide clean water to as many people as possible.

Anna is a proud native Austinite and loves living in her amazing hometown. In her free time, she enjoys smothering her tiny cat with unreciprocated love, swimming in any natural body of water, exploring Austin breweries, watching cheesy sci-fi movies and drinking too much coffee.