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Ashley Patek

Ashley Patek, MBA is a fiercely curious and results oriented marketing director at Whole Foods Market, leading the Global Prime Loyalty Program for the company. With more than a dozen years’ experience across multiple private, public and non-profit brands, experience leading cross-functional teams, managing multi-million-dollar P&Ls, and running global digital and omnichannel marketing campaigns, Ashley brings an unparalleled combination of passion for the mission and business knowledge.

Before her tenure at Whole Foods Market, Ashley graduated with an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, has lived and worked in Milan and London, and has spent time volunteering specifically in water access projects in both Africa and India.

Fun fact: Ashley is a self-proclaimed wanderlust. She spends her time traveling, running, eating, reading, volunteering, and living life in downtown Austin with her husband, Daniel, and their goldendoodle, Lester James. She is currently training for her 17th marathon this fall in Sydney, Australia.