Daniel Lupton

technical advisor, hydrogeologist

Daniel Lupton is a hydrogeological technical advisor for Well Aware, and is a registered professional geoscientist with eight years of experience in water resources and geological sciences. Lupton currently works at INTERA in Austin, and his professional and research experience ranges from geophysical well log analysis to evaluation of groundwater and surface water system interactions. He has employed field techniques such as geophysical logging and correlation, water level sampling, and spring discharge surveys in conjunction with groundwater modeling to develop an improved understanding of complex flow systems. While in college, Lupton interned for a water well drilling company and other related jobs, which helped develop his solid background in irrigation and backflow prevention. After graduation, Lupton started working with the organization Hydrogeologists without Borders on a project in Kenya, providing mapping and data analysis to support the field-based volunteers. Lupton’s volunteer work started in graduate school where he, along with his adviser, used old British geologic survey maps in an attempt to understand the complex hydrogeology of a small drought-stricken region in Mali. Additionally, Lupton provided the San Antonio chapter of Engineers without Borders and the Center for Water Resources at San Antonio with hydrogeological support on various groundwater projects.