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Mike Mutuku

project manager - East Africa

Mike Mutuku is a name to remember around here. As one of the most essential members of the team as the project manager, Mike oversees all of Well Aware’s clean water projects. He first met Well Aware’s founder, Sarah Evans, in 2010 in Kenya while the team was checking on ongoing projects in the area. Mike joined the team quickly after, as he and Sarah got along well due to their shared passion for helping underdeveloped communities.

Clean water projects are not the first impactful thing Mike has done in his life. Mike served 12 years in the military in uniform, and was a PeaceKeeper for 13 months in Yugoslavia in the early 90’s, leading a civil strike while nobly leaving behind his wife and two children.

Being a part of Well Aware has been more than fulfilling for Mike. He relishes in the impact he is able to make by bringing clean water to those in need. In his free time, Mike enjoys tending to his mango and orange trees.