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Ryan Patterson

financial and business development advisor

Ryan's greatest passions in life are for entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and travel. He has been building businesses since the age of 10 and has been involved in multiple successful start-ups. Most notably, he is the originating co-founder and former President and Chief Marketing Officer of All Web Leads, an Austin-based web marketing and data analytics company that employs more than 300 people. He has also built a successful real estate business that participates in many facets of the market, from building and development to property management and investment funding.

Ryan has also been extensively involved in volunteerism in the local community. He has acted as a mentor and donor for The Seedling Foundation and has sponsored scholarships for children in this program. He has also worked as a mentor for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Austin, and has also volunteered for Meal on Wheels.

He is a passionate and well-experienced traveler, who has visited over 60 countries since he began wandering some 20 years ago. Along the way, he has developed a deep connection and empathy for underserved communities around the world and has taken a particular interest in economic development through micro-funding in capital-deprived areas. On a recent trip to Africa, Ryan witnessed firsthand the plight of people who live without clean water and was immediately motivated to get involved in a solution. While in the planning stages of building his own water charity, he was presented with the opportunity to get involved with Well Aware and quickly decided that his time and resources would be well spent within their infrastructure of knowledge and relationships.