$10,000 Donor Match to Shower Strike Today

We are thrilled to announce that a very special donor will contribute $10,000 TODAY towards Shower Strike if we can collectively raise $10,000 before midnight tonight. That could mean at least $20,000 raised in one day for clean water! If you were going to contribute or ask for donations, now is the time!

Total as of this morning (12:00am CST): $86,845

Total we need by midnight tonight (CST): $96,845

We have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (Thursday, March 27th) to raise $10K to receive another $10K, and we can do it!

Please consider making a donation in any amount, and/or email, post, tweet, text, call, smoke signal, and shout it out to all of your contacts. We know we can do this with your help!

Thank you to our generous donor and thank YOU for helping us provide clean water to communities that desperately need it.