A generous donor will contribute every time someone participates in our #WaterThx Challenge!

Can you help us provide more clean water with a quick photo or donation? For every #WaterThx activity, a friend of Well Aware is donating $5! Just two participants means clean water for life for one person. If we can recruit 200 people, that's $1,000 and 100 lives changed forever.


1. Take a photo of yourself with a sign saying you're thankful for clean water and post it to social media with the hashtag #WaterThx. Done, you just got $5 for clean water. OR...

2. Simply make a donation on our challenge site- in any amount! Done, you just raised another $5 for clean water.

Then, please share this with everyone you know! Tag your friends in your pic, or share from our campaign site.

To learn more about the campaign, you can check it out here. Or, just get started and snap that photo and post it right now! Just don't forget to use "#WaterThx" to make it count.

Thank you so much for your support! We are so honored to be the recipient of this donor gift. And, this is the most fun way we have raised funds for our clean water work ever!


The Well Aware Team

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