A Note From the Founder on Shower Strike

I can hardly believe that we are approaching our annual Shower Strike. Next month will mark the seventh time a group of brave volunteers have eschewed showering to raise funds and awareness for clean water. Our very first Shower Strike in 2009 raised $25,000 in one week. Last year, we raised $135,000. Over the past seven years, through Shower Strike alone, we have provided clean water to more that 40,000 people.

Our Shower Strike event is exhilarating for me. Once a teeny experimental awareness campaign of 12 friends and family (love you guys!), this event is now a phenomenon, attracting hundreds of participants to unite for this cause- incredibly generous individuals who want to sacrifice a little luxury to improve the lives of others.

This year is especially exciting, since we will be able to impact several thousand more lives and hopefully reach the milestone of having provided clean water to more than 100,000 people since Well Aware began!

Meta, Kallini and Tututha are in great need of our partnership, and I am so thrilled to join with you, our supporters, in soon transforming these communities permanently.

I am deeply grateful, daily, for being a steward of your investment in this cause, and I so look forward to making you even more proud to be a part of it.

Now, let the stink begin!

Shower Strike 2015 will Support the Following Projects and More


Metta is a community in very dry part of Kenya with an unfinished water system that has been abandoned by the previous implementor. The existing infrastructure there will amplify the impact of this water project, that will serve the community of 4,000 people, as well as a health clinic and school. Well Aware has partnered with Metta to create a lasting clean water supply that will be the foundation for very promising development in this area.


Tututha is a primary school in southern Kenya with 500 students and growing. Many of the children are unable to attend class or have poor test scores because they suffer from water-related illness. Well Aware will rehabilitate a failed water well for the school and provide enough yield for entire community, transforming this area.


The community of Kaliini currently relies on spring water that dries up and is also contaminated, causing high rates of disease and precluding the the local clinic from being able to treat patients. Well Aware will implement a new rainwater harvesting system with abundant water storage and purification for the school and clinic.

See all of Well Aware's water system projects on our website here.