A quick note from the Well Aware team

This morning I sat at my laptop, staring at the keyboard, wondering how much of my heart do I reveal in my note. Because when i say, “this is my dream job” it is the absolute truth. It is funny how in May of 2008 I was still trying to figure how I fit into this world but by June 2008 I had a better understanding, a snapshot of what I was built to do. Everyday my passion for the calling on my life drives me to serve the world’s most vulnerable, to change the piece of the world I have been given for the better and to love aggressively so that peace follows me. There are so many people to thank for walking with me on this journey and couldn’t ask for a better adventure.

As my team and I get ready for Shower Strike and World Water Day, I ask that you consider supporting our adventure of using clean water to develop communities and empowering individuals to pursue their passions. Join our Shower Strike in April, Volunteer, join the village; it takes all many voices to sing this song… will you sing with us?