A Ten-Year-Old's Perspective Without Clean Water

Samoyan is a ten-year- old boy from Salaita, a village in Kenya. He is enrolled at Salaita Primary School, the only school in this region. This school is excited to soon house a borehole which will serve as the main water source for the entire village!

Samoyan and his friends are excited about the upcoming borehole, because it will bring clean and safe drinking water to their community. Samoyan describes what the village endures during drought season - no drinking water for the entire period. Samoyan hopes that this borehole would prove sustainable and not just seasonal, so that the village will also have water during the drought period.


Implementing a well in Salaita will reduce travel time for the two communities that live in the village, especially for the women and children. Young girls could instead focus on school and connecting with other children then taking time out of their days walking to collect water.

The elderly in the community are also thrilled to have an opportunity to practice small scale farming. This region of the world has issues with malnutrition, so having the capability to plant will ensure balanced diets for community members. Kitchen gardens, for example, will give the elderly a way to provide the community with accessible, affordable and reliable food.