An Update From Kiliku, Kenya

An update from Well Aware community manager, Karen Kavete:

Meet Mwende and her classmates. They are pupils of Kiliku primary school ECD class. I found them playing in the school field past their home time and I was curious of the reasons. After bribing them with a few photos and videos, we became best of friends bubbling away about their school.

These students come from Kikomo some 3-4km away from Kiliku primary. Although there are other schools nearby their parents chose the school because of guaranteed feeding program, good performance, dedicated teachers. When you dig deeper all these have their roots in Well Aware’s provision of clean drinking water in the school.

When we first visited Kiliku, the school relied on a brick constructed storage tank with leaks. The roofs were not well gutters hence little water was preserved. Well Aware installed a solar UV system, guttered the good roofs and connected a 10,000ltr tank for storage. This saved the children the daily hustle of bringing water to school. Since pupils can carry some drinking water home, it has enhanced the health standards of most homes reducing diarrhea incidents in the region.

Inya Mueni, a parent in the school applauds Well Aware for lifting a huge burden off their shoulders, noting that more children attend school and there’s little absenteeism. Furthermore, families save some income from reduced hospital bills.