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Announcing - Shower Strike 2014 projects

We are thrilled to announce the water systems that we will make a reality with your support of Shower Strike 2014. All of us here at Well Aware are deeply honored to be working in these communities and with these exceptional partners.

Welcome to the Well Aware family, Emining, Exrock and Nyakio. See how these projects will transform communities below, and please help us spread the word about Shower Strike and how much impact we can make together!

If you have not yet registered to participate in Shower Strike to support these projects, there is still time to sign up now, or you can go ahead and donate to support your favorite stinker.

Well Aware provides the most cost effective way to save and impact lives with clean water. We are not just a water charity. Well Aware is redefining water aid delivery and management in Africa and our methods of efficiency and sustainability are setting the standard.

We are honored that you are joining our revolution.

Welcome to the Well Aware family, Emining, Exrock and Nyakio

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