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Atieno from Got Isimbo, Kenya

With a shy smile *Atieno approaches our tent quietly. Behind her are a couple more children all eager to see what the big trucks bring the community of Got Isimbo, in Ugunja, Kenya. We are here for drilling - a well in the making. The first for myself as well! I am as excited as the children watching stem after stem dash in and out of springs of muddy water.

We interact and I only learn little about their community, mostly because of language barrier. I ask about water and how they’ve been getting water. There’s a river nearby where the village sources its water. I ask about her thoughts on the newly obtained well, “I am happy water is coming near us. With water, maybe they will also build us a school and clinic - the man from Nairobi had mentioned. The chief also said the same”.

If all goes as planned, this going to be a life changing well for Atieno and her siblings. The long walks to the river will be in the past, there won’t be any more cases of drowning in the village and children will not miss school again because they are sick.

*This name has been changed for anonymity.