Big Water Well Success

The Well Aware team is in Kenya now overseeing the implementation of a community water well in Ndabibi, Kenya that will impact more than 20,000 people. In partnership with the Austin Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, the team of scientists and community experts have worked with this amazing community to structure a community water system that will not only impact a record number of people but will also last decades.

The team arrived last week to supervise the drilling that went better and more quickly than expected, and the pump test was conducted over the weekend. While we are still waiting for the final results of the borehole testing, we know from preliminary measurements that this one system will yield approximately 50,000 liters of water per day. The community is so full of joy, and they can not wait to get work further developing the area.

There are already a medical clinic and schools that will be revived and heal and educate exponentially more people in Ndabibi now.

We are deeply grateful for everyone who has been involved in this exceptional project, and we want to recognize the wonderful team on the ground doing all of the dirty (but very rewarding) work: Wendy Robertson (hydrogeologist), Mike Mutuku (field manager), Faith Beltz (community team leader), Brett Buchanan (photographer), and Sarah Evans (founder and executive director)

Photo by Brett Buchanan.

Images from Ndabibi community