Dallas Cowboys Devin Street joins the Well Aware Shower Strike!

Welcome to the Shower Strike, Devin!

“I’m participating in Well Aware’s Shower Strike because I know our efforts are life changing for the thousands of people who will have clean water,” said Street. “For these people we are partnering with, a clean drink of water is a luxury. A shower isn't even an option. I think it's the least I can do to skip a couple showers so that others can have a chance in life.”

Every $10 raised during Shower Strike provides clean water to a person for 20 to 30 years. A team that raises $1,000 is giving the gift of water to 100 people. The campaign’s overall goal is to raise $150,000, which will provide clean water to more than 15,000 people.

Others who vow to NOT bathe until funds are raised include:

  • Actress Mary Elizabeth Ellis from The Grinder and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (see her video below)
  • Xavier Silas, NBA player
  • Case McCoy, former University of Texas quarterback
  • Saints of Valory, Billboard chart-topping alternative rock band
  • Greg Davis, National Geographic Creative photographer
  • Five Austin, TX breweries - Thirsty Planet, Circle Brewing Co., Zilker Brewing Company, Hops & Grain and 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative
  • 125 second graders, 34 high school students and 20 preschoolers
  • And hundreds more.

Join the Shower Strike

Actress and writer, Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day teams up with director, Mo Perkins, and the water charity, Well Aware, for a cheeky spoof of Hitchcock's "Psycho" to raise awareness for the 8th annual Shower Strike campaign, which funds clean water systems in east Africa. Mary Elizabeth is also on Shower Strike this month and is boycotting bathing until Well Aware reaches their fundraising goal.

Daaba Juu

Daaba Juu is a community of 3,500 in the arid county of Isiolo. Currently, Daaba Juu relies on an open and contaminated well, where women and children must climb down steep slopes and slippery rocks to retrieve water. Many children and animals have died after falling into the well, a danger that continues to plague the community.

Well Aware will drill a new well that will provide safe access to clean water. Well Aware has worked in Isiolo county on many projects and has seen how access to clean water can transform these communities. This new water system will be deep, high-yielding and solar-powered. We have already begun community evaluation and training, and they only await this water well to develop this area with schools and commerce.

Kithoka, Meru

In Partnership with International Peace Initiatives and Amani Home Water Project

Well Aware has partnered with International Peace Initiatives (IPI), a Kenya and U.S. joint based organization that provides a home for orphans and vulnerable children in Kithoka. IPI also runs a development center to support women with HIV/AIDS.

Well Aware will work with IPI to bring clean water to the Amani Children's Home, nearby schools, and the surrounding community. This project in particular will have a big impact on the lives of underprivileged women and children, as well as the surrounding community that is currently struggling with water and sanitation issues.

Join the Strike

Communities like these need your help. Shower Strike, our largest fundraiser of the year, is so important. We could not make the impact that we do without the help of hundreds of Strikers. If you haven't joined the Strike, there's still time. Join us in bringing clean water to communities across east Africa. Remember, just $10 can provide water for one person for 25 years.