Double your donation with a donor match this month!

Hello, Well Aware Community!

The Holidays are a time of giving, and we have some very special ways to provide more clean water to new communities through Well Aware. And, thanks to an amazing donor, all donations will be matched through December 31st!

Please check out all of the fun and inspirational ways you can give back this season below. Your gift - in any form and any amount - means a new life for people who need only a source of clean water to thrive.

Want to learn more about our water systems? Check out our work on our website here.

Please have a wonderful Holiday. We are deeply grateful for you!

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Back by Popular Demand - Holiday Donation Cards Give the Gift of Water in the name of a client, colleague or loved one

Well Aware is giving 100% of your contributions towards clean water projects this Holiday Season when you "purchase" a Holiday Donation Card. You will receive a beautiful card (pictured above) that you can download and send via email, put in the mail or add to a stocking. Your donation and gesture symbolizes your gift towards life, health and a new future.

There are three types of cards that you can purchase this holiday season, each increasing with impact. Holiday Cards will provide either two people, one family, or two whole families with clean and uncontaminated water for decades!


If you join The Village of Well Aware this month, your December contribution will be matched!

Have you been feeling like you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself lately? The Holiday Season is the perfect time to make a commitment to others and become a part of changing lives every month with new clean water for people who have none.

Membership in The Village includes VIP treatment at special events, our signature water drop bracelet, exclusive projects updates and a presence in our outreach.


Well Aware Branded Gifts

Help spread the word about the need for clean water by gifting Well Aware gear (or get them for yourself - no judgement here!). Proceeds support our clean water systems, and wearing our swag supports awareness for our cause daily.


Invest Directly in Our Water Systems

100% of your donation goes to support Well Aware's clean water systems when you make a general donation here. Since 100% of our water systems are functioning, you can have confidence that your contribution will continue to save and improve lives for decades to come.