Great Launch Event for Shower Strike 2014!

What a great night! We were so happy to see everyone turn up to learn more about Well Aware and the Shower Strike, and we were inspired by everyone's enthusiasm to meet our goal this week! Shower Strike is so important because the more people who know about this cause, then more impact we can make. Shower Strike is a very effective way to introduce people to, or further educate them on, the challenges others face without access to clean water. We can also make such a big difference with the high number of small to mid-sized donations (and the big ones!) through a viral fundraiser like Shower Strike.

Huge thanks to our special guests, Case McCoy, Angela Rawna, and Kathleen Zuelch!

Anyone can make a difference just by helping us spread the word, or contributing in any amount. Every $15 provides water to someone for 30+ years.

Shower Strike 2014 is the most exciting to date! We have more active participants than ever before, and we will be able to serve more people than ever before (10,000 with this one campaign). As of this morning, we have raised 28% of our $150,000 goal!

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