International Women's Day Celebration: Water Issues are Women's Issues

Celebrating International Women’s day is a tradition that dates back to 1909. The day originates from women fighting for better working conditions in the clothing industry, in return bringing needed attention to the women’s suffrage movement. In 1975, March 8th was chosen as the designated day to celebrate all women from all over the world (UN)! At Well Aware, commemorating this day is especially special and this International Women’s Day we invite you to celebrate with us!

At Well Aware, when you strip away our layers, you will see the issues we are fighting for are women’s issues. Water issues are women’s issues. Studies have shown that women and children are typically the main water collectors in a family (UNICEF). Around the world each day, women and children spend around 140 million hours collecting water. So instead of spending these hours attending school or work, women and children have to go out to collect water for their families. We hope that our work can help these women and children have more time learning and working rather than walking and collecting.

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Images by Greg Davis-National Geographic Creative Photographer

Well Aware prides itself in being a non-profit started and run by women. Our CEO, Sarah Evans, is an inspiration to women and girls all over the world. Creating this non-profit out of passion and mercifulness, she continues to work hard to further the organization's success. Along with Sarah, most full time employees at Well Aware are strong, creative women that I have the privilege to learn from and look up to.

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Our International Women’s Day Event has the hopes of bringing together our Village members and all others interested for a relaxed evening with some tasty drinks and snacks! The event is free and will be held on March 8th, from 5:30 pm until 8:00pm at Gusto Studios. Gusto Studios is home to Greg Davis’ critically acclaimed National Geographic photographs. Check his work out at Greg has come along on some Well Aware expeditions, beautifully capturing the experiences in Kenya.

We hope you can make it, and don’t forget to sign up here!

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