"Interview" with The Saints of Valory

I had the honor of meeting the remarkable men of The Saints of Valory after I had just seen them perform for a group of 30 or so guests in an intimate music venue in Austin. I was dazzled by them. As well as being just incredibly talented musicians, they are brilliant performers.

So, I was a little starstruck. But, I quickly realized they were approachable, kind and really interesting. Turns out, these impressive young men come from all over- Canada, Brazil, France and the US. Gavin, Stephen and Godfrey all had parents who were missionaries, and Gavin and Godfrey met in Rio while their families were there doing charitable work. The beginning of SOV started then.

When I was lucky enough to get to spend more time with these guys, it became evident that their charitable roots were a part of them and their work. They were keenly interested in Well Aware, and we eventually formed a partnership that's blooming into all kinds of exciting things (including, but not limited to, our Holiday Concert next month and our June 2016 trip to Kenya together).

To properly introduce you to this inspiring crew, I've "interviewed" them here. I use the quotation marks, since these questions were emailed, and these guys were amiable enough to answer them in an email back (I've been bugging them a lot lately). And, here you have it.

What excites you the most about being rockstars?

Haha Rockstar is a big word! Mick Jagger is a rock star. I feel we're lucky to play music for a living and do what we love, and its definitely exciting when you get an opportunity to open a show for true rockstars like Jagger and the Stones.

Why did you choose to partner with Well Aware?

I think we just connected with their vision and what they do, a lot of us spent time in third world countries and have done a fair amount of charity work, so its exciting to back something you believe in.

What are you most looking forward to on your trip to Kenya?

None of us have been, so I think we're looking forward to a completely new experience, and Africa is a very musical country, the roots of Rock and Roll and blues stem from there so I think we're going to learn a lot as well.

Are you going to eat the goat?

100% The trip wouldn't be complete without eating the goat! It's only mutton after all!