Introducing Well Aware's Newest Brand Partner: Integrate to Live

Well Aware's Brand Partners are companies whom are donating a percentage of profits from a product or service to our clean water systems. With a growing number of businesses supporting us in this way, these partners are making a big difference for our fundraising.

We are proud to announce our first new Brand Partner of 2017 - Sarah Sherwood, Resilience and Life Coach. She is committed to help further power our projects and bring more clean water for life to the communities who most need it.

For years, Sarah has empowered people of all ages and life stages to live courageously and take on the change they wish to see in themselves and in the world. Sarah has created a year-long online coaching program, Integrate to Live, that is perfect for those ready to transform their minds and their lives to better take advantage of the innate resilience within each of us.

Integrate to Live is giving 10% of membership proceeds to support clean water for life in Africa. Registration for the 2017 program is only open for three more days. Enroll now and Sarah will donate $100 for each person who signs up by this Thursday, January 19.