Kenyan Orphanage Transformation

Our team returned from Mithini, Kenya last week, and we were overjoyed by the progress they have made there! We installed a water well there two years ago, and they look like a different community today.

When we first arrived in Mithini in 2011, we found a small shack on the dirt with nine sick orphans. The makeshift orphanage was also surrounded by a community devastated by lack of clean water, and everyone in the area was drinking dirty water from collection on the side of the hill. All of the children were sick with ring worm, and the majority had malaria or typhoid.

Two years after their water well was installed, none of the children are sick, and the new dorms are accommodating over seventy children. There is also a preschool (donated by The Nobelity Project), and they are constructing a primary school now. There are crops as far as the eye can see, and the entire community of 3,000 people are also drinking the new plentiful and clean water.

Photo by Brett Buchanan.