Life requires water

I have watched this video several times now and I cry every time I watch it, not because it is sad, but because I can feel the hope and future that clean water brings to those who have none. It's difficult to convey the emotion everyone feels when communities finally have clean water. But, photojournalist, Brett Buchanan, has done a beautiful job creating a visual story for us with this video he made. And I ask, please watch the entire video to the end, I know you'll be glad you did.

Clean water for life is not just a buzz phrase for Well Aware, we take it seriously. We know that water IS life. This video really made me reflect on these phrases and how often do we actually stop and truly think about these words and what they mean, not just for us, but for the world.

In our world, we have water, even in a drought, we still have water, running from our taps. We load and start the dishwasher, throw a load of clothes in and jump in the shower, without much thought as to the water we are using (well, maybe a thought if they'll be any hot water left if doing all 3 at once), but not a thought to 'will there be water, will it be clean water?"

We also drink it, without much thought as to how we get it. We buy it bottled, sparkling, flavored and caffeinated. We know if we are thirsty, we can get water and not have to walk 4 miles to get it.

We are fortunate, but as we take a drink of water or get a water bottle ready for our child’s soccer practice, it is not a bad thing to stop and really reflect how fortunate we are and how having access to clean water should not be considered fortunate, it should be considered a right.

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