Making Waves with the Ripple Effect Award

This year, Well Aware hosted our most successful Shower Strike to date. We were able to raise over 30% more than our last record year with our 240 Shower Strikers and 49 teams. The dedication of these amazing people allowed us to impact the lives of more than 24,000 people. Starting today, 24,000 more people in our world will gain access to clean, drinkable water.

One Shower Striker in particular added more than just a few drops in the bucket for our campaign. Mary Ellen Fine made a wave this Shower Strike and became the very first recipient of Well Aware’s Ripple Effect Award.

In order to qualify for the Ripple Effect Award, one must have participated in Shower Strike for at least five years, be a Well Aware Village Member for a minimum of three years, and host at least one Well Aware Event. Mary Ellen continually has gone above and beyond. Not only does she meet all of the requirements for the Ripple Effect Award, she has exceeded them. This year, Mary Ellen completed her 10th Shower Strike, meaning she has been a Striker since the very beginning! She set a goal of raising $1,000, but during her strike, Mary Ellen quadrupled her goal, totaling $4,475. In the past, Mary Ellen hosted a Village Happy Hour in 2011, a Shower Strike celebration in 2012, and even donated her basement apartment for Well Aware to use as a office for most of 2013.

Mary Ellen knows that water means health and wellness for all. She shows us through her continued participation how to make the most of an opportunity like Shower Strike. We feel privileged to award such a worthy candidate Well Aware’s first Ripple Effect Award. Mary Ellen Fine leads by example - she is a champion for clean water, and we are incredibly grateful for her support and commitment to changing lives with us.