Our Village Just Doubled and So Did Their Donations!

For the past two weeks, we have been inviting everyone we know to join our Village. A very special couple offered to match all new memberships we added through yesterday at midnight for the rest of the year and up to $10,000!

The response was amazing. We more than doubled our Village members- from 45 to 96- and we exceeded our donations goal and earned the entire match.

This is huge news for our work. We are so incredibly grateful to Don and Tish Stricklin for providing the match and making this achievement possible for our communities.

The Village allows us to forecast our projects and work even more efficiently. This means we can do more projects and provide new lives to more people. Our beloved Village will now serve more than 6,000 additional people in a year!

Thank you so much to our 96 Village Members, and congratulations on being the reason that thousands of lives will change forever- and the catalyst for growth for Well Aware so that we will have more impact and do more work.

You can still sign up here if you missed out and want to join now.

And, thank you to everyone who supported this match opportunity in any other way. Every tweet, email, coffee meeting mention, cashed-in favor and gentle (or not-so-gentle) encouragement helped us achieve our goal.

We are deeply grateful for all of you.

Next up... an incredible Holiday Concert and a big announcement in December. Stay tuned.

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