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Partner Company Raises $12K Through Water Walk with Well Aware - Summary of the Event from Affinipay

I came across Well Aware and the Water Walk Event during my personal research online. When I read more on the Water Walk, I couldn't stop thinking of how an event like that would make a positive impact on my company and on the world. So, through a leap of faith, I asked to put on the event for my company, and I was fortunate enough to receive such a welcoming "yes" by my coworkers.

The lead-up to the Water Walk was just as fun as the event itself. We were able to get people excited about donating through educational emails, trivia questions and departmental competition. I was surprised at how involved and competitive my coworkers were in donating their money. People were so eager to give! We had an initial goal of raising $4,000, and through the build up of the Water Walk, we raised over $12,000 - which was absolutely mind-blowing for all of us at Affinipay.

The Water Walk Event was a huge success. I received so much positive feedback from my employees, saying it was the most convenient and fun way to give back. Affinipay employees loved the walk itself - the relay races produced a fun camaraderie among the teams, and the accessibility to the event made it suitable for people to go to and from the event back to work. Additionally, and I believe most importantly, my coworkers who picked up the Jerrycans truly felt the gravity of lugging 40lbs of water. Many came up to me asking, "is this really what the people in Ratta carry for miles?" It made my coworkers realize the severity of the water crisis situation, and they were happy to contribute their time and money to this cause.

For me, this event means alot. I have such a heart for the people in developing nations. Bringing this event to my company opened the eyes and ears of my coworkers to the harsh realities of poverty-stricken communities. It not only made an impact on the communities we will reach through our $12,000 donation, it made an impact on our company as well. It raised team moral, spread positivity and friendly competition through our company, and educated everyone on the international water crisis. We hope to grow our relationship with Well Aware throughout the months and years. Maybe we can make this an annual event? Or maybe we can even include other companies in our building to participate? From this experience, all I know is that when you get a group of people together who are willing to donate $10, $25 or even $100, the end result will always be more than I could ever imagine. Thank you Well Aware!

Want to organize a Water Walk for your company? Email us!

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Affinipay Water Walk Event with Well Aware