Rain Rain Come Again…

Contrary to belief that kids dislike rain, the boys and girls from Kenya’s Semi-Arid region love the onset of rain. In actuality, both young and old live for rain in these regions, never attaching to it the notion of “bad weather”. I had the pleasure of visiting with primary school pupils during these short rains, here’s what they think:

Muema from class 2 at Misuuni Primary says:

"What I love about the rains is that they take away the dust and will also make our crops grow. At our school we have a small dam, if it rains water will collect here and we will not be sent from class to fetch cleaning water at the far away dam.

Current source of drinking water is the nearby dam, this is not boiled but sometimes mother puts in some water guard. I carry water to school.

Given one wish, I’d wish for clean water at our school. Our storage tanks are broken thus cannot hold water. If we have water at our school, I do not have to stay thirsty the whole day when I forget to carry some from home."

Mutinda from Class 3 at Nthaani Primary says:

I love the rains because they are a sign of hope and good tidings. My parents say when it rains there will be more water which will bring more harvest, more drinking water and some income. Me and my friends also like playing with mud which only comes when it rains.

The last rains, we collected a lot of water in these new tanks donated by Well Aware. Since we drunk most of it, the rains will replenish the supply and I’m happy because we will continue getting clean water at the school.

My wish is that we get more and more tanks even to our homes. If we have more tanks, we will not be worried about drought and the tanks running dry. The drinking water will not be rationed at school and we will not be sick.

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