Reflections From #WishesDelivered

I’m relaxing in the London airport reflecting on my trip to kenya. This gave me the opportunity to really show the difference clean water makes.

After being a typical tourist and seeing some baby elephants, we visited Tania. An orphanage that is on the top of the hills that overlooks all of the city and mountains.

Tania has an amazing story of two teachers about to retire that started an orphanage for the mentally handicapped, physically disabled, and forgotten. They make every child feel at home and every one was excited to meet us. They care for 100 kids at ranging from preschool to high school.

Before Well Aware, they relied on rainwater and it only rains for a month out of the year. The land was always dry, they could hardly grow crops, they had no livestock, and no clean water. They relied on someone going down the mountain to get drinking water, for 100 people.

Now, Tania is completely different. It is a green oasis. They have more clean water they know what to do with ever since a borehole and storage system started by WellAware. Now they have cows, goats, and chickens. They have created two ponds that are completely self sustaining with catfish. Their farm is completely organic and they have so much food they have to sell it at the market so it doesn’t go bad. The students are able to learn about taking care of a farm and how to sell at a market.

Clean water has created a beautiful organic farm, food for more then 100 people, clean drinking water, and entrepreneurial knowledge. Amazing.

Here is also a video of me testing out the water. Tastes better then bottled water.

This all could not of happened with out Well Aware and UPS, thank you both so much.

#wishesDelivered #MissionCleanWater #Cleanwater4life