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Rockin In A Winter Waterland

Laughter, music, dancing, celebration, and enough money raised to provide more than 6,000 people clean water for a decades to come- this year’s Rockin In A Winter Waterland event had it all.

On December 9th 2017, nearly 200 of Well Aware’s closest friends, family and supporters came together to celebrate the power of clean water to transform lives.

The second Rockin In A Winter Waterland Holiday Concert not only highlighted the work that Well Aware does to help solve the global water crisis, it acknowledged everyone that has joined them and helped step up to address this important issue. This year, the event introduced Well Aware’s inaugural Global Impact and Ambassador Of The Year Awards, recognizing outstanding individuals- Hollywood actress and producer Mary Elizabeth Ellis, and National Geographic Creative photographer Greg Davis- for their continued commitment to transforming lives through clean water.

James Leitner, who recently completed a 3,200 mile trek across the United States to raise funds for clean water and was featured by UPS in their recent #WishesDelivered campaign, also attended the event, sharing moving stories of his time visiting Well Aware’s work in Kenya over the fall.

Queen of Austin soul Tameca Jones topped off the night with a musical set that got everyone dancing.

Thank you to everyone who joined! Check out more photos at on our Facebook album here.

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Rockin In A Winter Waterland