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Ndabibi, Kenya: Completed Project

There are 20,000 people in Ndabibi and surrounding areas who once accessed a water well that has broken down. The community was devastated, and the schools, clinic, fish ponds and agriculture that they built and maintained were all but abandoned without water.

We met the community of Ndabibi in 2013 and listened to stories about the struggles of childbirth they were having without a functioning clinic. We heard and saw the hopelessness in the parents’ eyes as they explained the low attendance at school, the water-related illnesses and the deterioration of their previous development.

The following year, Well Aware returned to drill a new well for the community. The existing infrastructure enabled the community to almost instantly begin to prosperagain. The clinic now serves almost 100 patients a day. The classrooms are packed, and they have begun construction for additional school buildings. The gardens are thriving, and the fish ponds are full of fish again- for the children to eat and for the community to sell at market for income.

There are almost no reported illnesses from water in Ndabibi today.

“Before, we had to tell the sick we could not help them. There was illness always. Now, we can treat our sick and have water to drink, so we are healthy.” - Jane, head nurse at the Ndabibi Clinic

NDOVOINI, KENYA: Project waiting for funding

Ndovoini can thrive with a rehabilitated water system and the Well Aware model.

Population: approximately 2,400

The community lost their water well in 2013 and is now retrieving unsafe water from a river 6 kilometers away. Despite efforts to reach the original water system implementer, the community has been ignored. Typhoid, diarrhea and dysentery are all affecting the children there, and the men in the community are struggling to support their families without water for agriculture. The primary school can accommodate 250 students, but the attendance is less than half of that due to illness and the need for children to walk to get water. There are 39 special needs children who are boarding at the school that are not receiving the nourishment they desperately need.

With clean, plentiful and lasting water, this school and community will florish. Many more children in the area can attend class, and the children with special needs will receive the attention they deserve.

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