Shower Strike Complete, Next Up- Kenya

Shower Strike Complete, Next Up- Kenya

Whew, what ride! We just completed another successful Shower Strike fundraiser, and we are overflowing with gratitude for everyone who made it a great campaign this year.

I was so impressed with our group of Shower Strikers this year. Striker ages ranged from 3 years to 75 years, and locations stretched from South Dakota to San Francisco. Our largest team, The Woodlands High School Volleyball team, included 50 young women who were serious (and seriously funny) about their fundraising. They raised $10,375 in the one week of Shower Strike, and gained the attention of almost every Houston media outlet. You can check out their local TV news coverage here.

Oh, and the sweet children in Iowa… three second grade classes went on Shower Strike, and their pictures and videos were precious.

Thank you so much to all of the students, parents and teachers for making this possible

The entire Well Aware staff and board were on Shower Strike, too! We are serious about this funky fundraising, and so were our interns.

We’ll have just enough time to wrap up our reminiscing before we need to hop on an airplane and head back to Kenya next month. On May 20th, we land in Nairobi and will hit the ground running.

This will be our most exciting trip yet. We have some meetings in the big city to talk about new technology for our water systems, as well as formalizing some new partnerships. Then, we head to Lakipia county, where we’ll break ground on a new water well that will serve more than 4,000 people- including a medical clinic, school and the livestock (their livelihood).

National Geographic photographer, Greg Davis, will be with us on the trip, and he will capture the excitement and emotion around the drilling of a new water well. He will also follow us into Isiolo County, where we have two projects completed already, and we will be reviewing several more.

Getting to go back to Kenya and get to work is my very favorite part of my job. Being back in the communities there- speaking to the women and playing with the children, walking the long dirt roads and breaking bread with community leaders- is my inspiration, and also how we stay fully connected with our work there. We learn so much about how we are impacting communities, and how we can get even better, by spending time in the places where we have projects- and where we want to have projects.

We will have more social media excitement than ever on this next trip. We will be posting across platforms daily, and we hope you will join us there and follow our journey!

Thank you, everyone, for being a part of the Well Aware family and making our work possible. You support us, you stink with us, you follow us, and you inspire us. We are crazy grateful for each of you, and we can’t wait to make you proud of what we do next!

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