Thank you for helping us make Shower Strike history!

Because of the amazing hard work of our #ShowerStriker participants, their incredible communities, and our generous donors, ShowerStrike 2017surpassed our goal of $175,000. We are now able to provide life saving, clean water to 17,722 people.

Thank you for everything that you have done to help make that possible!

And special big shoutout and heartfelt thank you to all of our #ShowerStrike individuals who went above and beyond, surpassing their $1,000 fundraising goals:

Astrid Rooselaer • Blake Miller • Caitlin Bonner • Cody Hudson • Curty Ivy • Daniel Lupton • Dawn Scholtens • Emily Sile-Twitchell • Erin Dempsey • Gayla Whinery • Geoffrey Ryder • Jessica Sager • Julie Evans • Kareece Sacco • Kathryn Bergmann • Kristen DeYoung • Lindsey Reed • Liz Cates • Lori Thomas • Maddie Bourgerie • Mary Elizabeth Ellis • Mary Ellen Fine • Mary Lockwood Crouch • Melinda Moss • Newton Hopkins • Nick Kornblith • Robin Barry • Sarah Evans • Sienna and Aiden Sherlock • Tom Murphy • Trinh Nguyen • Violet Markham

And the #ShowerStrike Teams that exceeded their goals:

The Patt Christopher Project • Sunset Stinkers • Well Aware Board • Well Aware Tech Team • McCallum Pals • Kids for Klean Water • Stinky Fishes • Austin Waldorf School • Vandegrift High School

This fundraising success could not have come at a better time. In three weeks, the Well Aware team will be landing in Kenya to start putting these fundraising dollars to work- building new wells and water systems in Ol Moran (pictured here) and our other partner communities, all of whom are currently suffering through one of the worst droughts Kenya has ever seen.

Special and huge gratitude to Turk and Christy Pipkin of The Nobelity Project for their partnership and sponsorship of Shower Strike 2017. (Photo here by Turk Pipkin.)

Shower Strike 2017 Winners

We are excited to get to work building these life-changing water systems and extra excited to get to the name them after some of the top fundraising 2017 Shower Strikers. We will be naming wells after:

Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Top Fundraising Individual)

The Patt Christopher Project (Top Fundraising Team), and

Dawn Scholten's Sunset Stinkers (Classrooms To Clean Water winner)

Did you want to donate, but didn't get a chance? No worries! We'll still be accepting #ShowerStrike donations through June 30th. Donate Today

Thank you for your support, and for helping to make this the best Shower Strike ever!