The Greatest Gift of All: Clean Water for Life

It is with the most heartfelt gratitude that we write to you today to let you know how thrilled we are that you are a part of our water-giving family. Without you, we would not have been able to provide clean and lasting water to another 39,000 people this year.

With your help this year, Well Aware is now able to provide clean and lasting water to one person for decades for just $9.13. That's less than half of the industry average. AND, 100% of our water systems work and provide big impact (the industry average is 40%). Thank you for making this possible.

With our increased efficiency and impact, we are ready to do more work! We hope that you will consider Well Aware in your year-end generosity. There are many exciting ways you can be involved with our initiatives this Holiday Season here. We hope you join is in a wish for water, a gift for life.

Thank you for all the ways you are saving and transforming lives with us.

Peace, Love and Water,