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The Power of Community: Wrapping Up Village Match 2016

It’s a wrap! Our annual Village Match Campaign ended last Friday, raising a total of $18,800 to provide an additional 1,880 people with clean water for decades.

We deeply appreciate our Village Members who tirelessly recruited friends and family to join the Village and expand our community of sustained donors. The Village Match Campaign increased village membership by 26 members, allowing Well Aware to scale impact and enhance project efficiency. Our Village Members provide monthly, continuous donations that help us plan, budget, and implement more projects every year. Thank YOU for your dedication to the Well Aware mission.

Our philosophy is centered on community involvement and empowerment both in Kenya and Texas. We work with our communities, focusing on listening to what they need and partnering with other nonprofits and community leaders to make it happen. In each community we belong to, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, leading to impact focused on sustainability. As our Village Community grows in Austin through the Village Match Campaign, we spotlight just a few communities that help us have powerful impact:

Austin Community Spotlight: The Well Aware Office

Well Aware headquarters in Austin, Texas are located within a co-working space called Impact Hub. Picture a large warehouse converted into a wide open coffee shop filled with highly motivated 20-somethings working together on couches and long tables - that’s Impact Hub. We understand the importance of building a meaningful network that will help us widen our expertise in the nonprofit field. We enlist the help of graphic designers, event planners, and business development associates based at Impact Hub to grow our impact. The community constructed at the Well Aware home office allows us to cultivate fresh ideas and tap into local resources in a wide range of expertise.

We also value community involvement on local university campuses. Our four interns this semester come from diverse backgrounds from The University of Texas at Austin and St. Edward’s University, but one thing unites them together; their tireless effort and passion to bring change and benefit communities in East Africa.

Kenya Community Spotlight: Daaba

During our first visit to Daaba, Kenya in 2011, we listened to community leaders describe the difficulties of fetching water from an open hand-dug well next to the village school. We learned the dangers that students faced each day climbing to the bottom of the well, often slipping and injuring themselves just for a drink of water.

Working with the community leaders, we developed a plan to rehabilitate a broken borehole near Daaba, and today clean water has transformed the village. The Daaba community has been empowered to develop committees to organize health education and agriculture initiatives. Students attend school until a later age and are rarely absent due to illness. By enlisting the help of the entire Daaba community, we could work hand-in-hand to revamp the village with sustainable change.

Donor Community Spotlight: The Village

The goal of our 2016 Village Match Campaign was to expand The Village, and in turn our entire donor community. Village members commit a monthly contribution to support the growth and impact of our work, and members receive VIP treatment at special events, our signature water drop bracelet, and a presence in our outreach. By providing sustained contributions, Village members support the Well Aware mission of sustainability, helping us maintain our 100% success rate of functional wells. The Village is the backbone of our efforts, and our communities in Kenya can rely on us because we rely on the Village.

We understand the power of community in making a difference in the world. With each community we cultivate, new opportunities for impact arise and each new project becomes more rewarding.

Thank you to all of those involved in the Well Aware mission!