'Tis the Season (To Give Water)

Fa La La Laa, La La La La La!

Maybe you aren't as excited for the holiday season as I am, but you should be! This season is the perfect opportunity to recognize what we have and share that with others! As you finish up your holiday shopping, we have several fun opportunities for you to spread love, joy, and life-saving water this year!


Donate Your Holiday

I'm sure we could all count out long lists of gifts that have gone mostly untouched after a few weeks, collecting space in our attics. This year, why not donate your holiday to Well Aware? Ask friends and family to join with you and give the lasting gift of water instead of physical presents. But feel free to get creative, you don't *have* to give up that KitchenAid Mixer on your Christmas list! Caroling for clean water? We love it! Host a holiday dinner party that costs a $10 donation to get in? Sure hope we're invited! Ask for pledges to do an underwear run in the freezing cold? Well, can't say it wouldn't be hilarious. And cold. Very cold.

Click here to set up your holiday fundraising page!


Join the Village (and get a sweet bracelet!)

We absolutely would not be so successful if it weren't for our amazing Village Members. These incredible donors have committed to giving monthly to see the mission of Well Aware accomplished and for the organization to continue to scale. We love our Village members so much that anyone who is signed up before December 31, 2014, will receive the Well Aware signature bracelet for free! With three great colors to choose from, this is a fashionable way to show your support and introduce your friends to Well Aware! For more information on The Village, including membership levels, benefits, and how to sign up, click here!


Purchase Holiday Donation Cards

Looking for a perfect gift to get that person on your list who already has everything they could ever want? Try giving them something to meet someone else's need! We have Holiday E-Cards available for purchase in our store to let your loved ones know that you have made a gift in their honor. With three card levels to choose from, you can pick one that fits your budget. Provide water for decades to one person, two people, or a whole family! Cards start at just $10, so it is a perfect way to affordably cross off several names on Santa's list, honor your friends and family, and most importantly- help our partner communities thrive!


Stuff those Stockings

Everyone looks great in Well Aware swag! Why not grab some stocking stuffers from our store for all the loved ones on your list! Show them that you care with a new iPhone case, water bottle, t-shirt or bracelet! With multiple options for each item, you can make sure Jane gets the white iPhone case she wants and Jack gets his in blue. Bracelets are available for pre-order only, but will be shipped out January 1, so you can still purchase one with a note that it is coming soon! (Are you a Village Member? Lucky you! Your membership allows you to get your free bracelet AND purchase others for friends now so they can have them early, too.) Visit the Well Aware Store now to check out the ways you and your family could be representing Well Aware around your community!

water vial comp.jpg

Give Water, Get Water

Of course, during this month, you are always welcome to donate as you regularly would, through the donate button at the top! As an extra bonus, we are offering a limited gift to our top holiday donors. 2015 marks the five year anniversary of our first well, and we want to share that experience with you. For a donation over $500, you will receive a glass keepsake bottle with water pumped from our first well, in Oltinga, Kenya! Click the donate button at the top of the page or the photo of the water on the left to make your donation now!

So many ways to spread joy guaranteed to warm even the frostiest of hearts! Tis the season, indeed. No figgy pudding needed.