Well Aware Founder and ED is Austin Woman Magazine's Cover Story

“I didn’t know it would become something I would devote my life to,” Evans says.

But that first trip to Kenya changed everything.

“When I was on the ground and met the people, and saw what incredible impact and transformation it was for these people to go from having to drink contaminated, dirty water every day—and walking kilometers to get it—to having plentiful clean water come out of a faucet, getting to witness that and be a part of it transformed me as well.”

Evans adds that she felt a lot of pain when she was in Kenya that first time.

“It’s hard to be a part of what that reality is for them,” she says. “But it’s what changed me. That’s when I realized this was something I would do forever, that it would be my life’s work even though I didn’t know exactly what that would look like.”