Well Aware Spring Newsletter

Dear Friends of Well Aware,

First and foremost, thank you. Because of your support, we are already having a great year replete with exciting new projects and new partnerships.

We're also pretty fired up about our annual Shower Strike campaign. Registration is now open, and we begin in just four days!

Just weeks after we wrap up Shower Strike 2016, we head back to Kenya to use those funds to implement new clean water projects. We're bringing along some special guests this time, and we will be announcing that soon. We will host our friends while executing a new drill, system implementation, projects review and new site evaluations. We hope you join us on the below social media links to follow our journey!

Thank you for checking out our news and for your incredible support of this crucial cause.


The Well Aware Team

There's still time to join Shower Strike 2016!

Shower Strike is almost here, and we are attracting a lot of attention. This year, we already have more participants and Celebrity Strikers than ever before! Volleyball teams, breweries, corporate companies, professional athletes, preschools, families--the list of all those who are striking for clean water is long. Join us, and let's fund more clean water systems together.

Check out the video that TV star, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, filmed for our Shower Strike below.Join Shower StirkeDonate to Shower Strike

Actress and writer, Mary Elizabeth Ellis Day teams up with director, Mo Perkins, and the water charity, Well Aware, for a cheeky spoof of Hitchcock's "Psycho" to raise awareness for the 8th annual Shower Strike campaign, which funds clean water systems in east Africa. Mary Elizabeth is also on Shower Strike this month and is boycotting bathing until Well Aware reaches their fundraising goal.

#ShowerStrike is open for registration now, and the campaign begins April 22. More info on the Shower Strike and sign-up and/or donate at ShowerStrike.org.

Welcome our New Partner

Tilted Chair is a full-service creative advertising agency that solves clients problems in whatever form the challenge requires. They are masters at everything from web design and development to video content and fully integrated marketing campaigns.

They are working with Well Aware during Shower Strike to help promote five local breweries who will be on strike with us! We greatly appreciate all of their in-kind support.

Welcome our New Intern

Courtney will be joining the Well Aware team this summer, and we're so happy to bring her on. She is currently studying at the University of Colorado Boulder, and she is an International Relations major.

She's already helping out by participating in this year's Shower Strike! To donate to Courtney's page, click here.