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We're Ready to Go Big in 2015

Many of you have seen our 2014 review letter. If you haven’t had a chance to read what Well Aware was able to do last year, you can check it out here. So, I won’t go into detail about the 74,000 people we have been able to provide water to so far… or that 100% of our water systems have been successes when only about 40% of other systems survive.

But, I would like to point out the number that reads $9.13. For a couple of reason. First, for just $9.13, on average, we are now able to provide water to one person for decades. Since this is half the industry average, that means we can impact twice the number of people.

Secondly, that $9.13 is not just a number. We use it to let you know how far your investment in our work can go. But for every single $9.13, there is a person, often a child, whose life has been, or will be, transformed by clean water with that amount.

This month marks the 5-year anniversary of our first water well. Just before that first well, I didn’t know I would leave my legal career to devote my life to clean water, and I also didn’t know how tragic water charity, if not addressed realistically, could be for places like Kenya and Uganda. With more than 60% water system failure in Africa, wasted resources aren’t the only devastation, communities are hurt beyond how they originally existed when a water source is there… and then it’s just gone.

But just after that first well, I did know that I would devote my life to this work, and we did set out to redefine water charity and revolutionize this cause.

Last year, we more than doubled our own impact from all 4 years prior. And, this year, we can tell you that we will certainly do that again.

But, we want you to know, that we can do so much more. We have the systems in place to create a network of communities in east Africa that are thriving with the support of a clean water system and a new and brighter future.

Through our technical support, NGO partnerships, impact measurement, and true and thorough community involvement, we’re poised to make a big splash for clean water in Africa. We have at least 7 projects ready to implement, and we are only awaiting the financial support to make them a reality.

In 2015, we will work as fast as our support is available, and change as many lives as we can.

And, as we impact more lives, more communities, with clean water, we improve education, we give women back their days to help support and care for their families, we contribute to agriculture and commerce, and we start to change the world.

But just as importantly, we become the industry standard for water charity. We can serve as the example and encourage anyone who cares to insist that all resources that are invested in water projects be delivered responsibly. And, we change this game so that the water crisis can, in reality, be a thing of the past.

Thank you for being a part of our water-giving family. Go team!

If you haven't already seen our video, please check it out here.