Whiskey for Water Partners with Well Aware

What if you could turn whiskey into water? Well you can, and we’re not talking about some hellish Puritan form of alchemy.

Whiskey for Water™ is a 501(c)(3) corporation based in Austin, Texas benefiting Well Aware, an organization that provides innovative and sustainable solutions to water scarcity in Africa. Their mission is to drive economic development and to build self-sufficient communities. Our goal is to help make that possible. The idea is simple: let’s sip delicious whiskey, so that someone can consistently drink clean water.

W4W hosts several events annually. At each event, a generous distiller donates some damn fine whiskey. The bartenders serve you craft cocktails to match the affair, and they ask you to donate money to send over to our friends at Well Aware. Camaraderie ensues, and everyone learns about the featured whiskey of the event, the current well project, and the people we are setting out to help.

Whiskey for Water members have the first right to buy tickets. If the event doesn’t sell out, the remaining tickets are open to the public.

Whiskey for Water funds all its overhead with membership dues and underwriting sponsorship, so all the money donated by guests goes straight to Well Aware—the way it should be. Our goal is to fully fund at least one water well project per year.

For details and tickets to our next event on December 3rd, click here.