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Wings to fly

If not for the wrong placement of tissue paper, I definitely would have missed it: A printed little strip in Arial black and neatly pasted on the toilet wall just above the toilet tank, it matches with the tiles on the wall so you cannot tell one from the other.

There is a green and a yellow pentagon sticker just below the flash handle, someone not keen would easily dismiss this for decoration; or perhaps the forgotten measuring marks of the plumber. The little strip explains the dots, completing the puzzle.

“Water is life, let’s conserve it” says the strip. This is the first I’ve seen in a bathroom, a hotel bathroom. This one does not talk about hygiene and sanitation and theft like most posters do. It’s simply about water, about life.

Something about it tugs at my soul, like my 18-month-old daughter’s nagging request when she wants to be carried. I know this paper message wants to be carried, from this hotel, to restaurants, to conferences, schools, homes and all the facilities that use water.

My assumptions are confirmed: When I stare out my hotel room and notice a small pipe gushing out water full of life. This must be recycled water from the hotel. There are small birds drinking and shaking their tail feathers in satisfaction. It is a sight, one to behold.

As the birds fly away, one thing is certain, I must fly this message to a thousand destinations, and help spread the news of water conservation. I cannot do it alone, but with your help I can. Will you give my message the wings to fly?