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Hurricane Harvey Relief in Texas - Well Aware's First Domestic Work and What Comes Next

After Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast in August 2017, Well Aware teamed up with DayOne Response to help provide Texas residents with clean water who had been affected by the storm.


Mithini, Kenya

“We can save so many more children now, and the community can be healthy. Clean water is life, and we are so grateful to you.”

- Geoffrey, Director of the Watoto Wa Baraka orphanage in Mithini



“The governor of the county came to visit our community after hearing of our progress. He declared Daaba to be the most developed community in the area. We have clean water to thank for that.”

- Principal at Daaba Primary School

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Today, the community of Alamach has a nursery and primary school. The women no longer spend their days walking for water and worried for their children’s lives. And, in an area that once also struggled with conflict, they have become peaceful and empowered. This was made possible by Well Aware and our supporters.

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Now that clean water is available in Ndabibi, the classrooms are packed, and construction has begun for additional school buildings. The gardens are thriving, and the fish ponds are full of fish again. There are almost no reported illnesses from water in Ndabibi today.