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Classrooms to Clean Water

empowering the next generation of conscious global citizens to make a positive impact on the world.

Through interactive classroom activities, leadership development, and engaging team fundraising activities, Classrooms to Clean Water educates young people on global humanitarian issues- such as water scarcity- and empowers them to make a difference.


Bring Well Aware to You

Our presentations are short, engaging and educational. We can speak to a number of topics - including the technical engineering aspects of our work, sustainability, global water issues, and more. Our goal is to get students excited about getting involved in global efforts to reduce inequalities and learning about situations other than their own.


Provide Ongoing Learning Activities

We work with you to develop a unique curriculum to teach your class or organization even further about these topics. We've created activities to provide hands-on learning that will consistently reinforce the message and goals that you are looking to achieve.

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Fundraise through Shower Strike

Our most popular (and powerful) fundraising campaign, Shower Strike, is a great opportunity to let your class put what they have learned into action. To help kids and families across the world access clean water, students choose not to shower (or shower less often) for one week in April until they reach their fundraising goal. We often partner classroom teams with corporate sponsors, multiplying the impact that they students are able to affect, and demonstrating to them that you don't need much to change the world.

Classroom Success Story

What started as a quirky school project in a Webster City, Iowa, second grade class to learn more about the world, has turned into a powerful fundraising campaign that has transformed lives.


Since 2012, the Sunset Stinkers have raised over $30,000 for Well Aware's projects through our annual Shower Strike, providing 2,200 people with clean water for life.

What Students & Teachers Are Saying

Dawn, Second Grade Teacher

“While the students are raising money for Well Aware, they are also learning about places they have never heard of and people and circumstances they don’t know exist. I feel it is a crucial part of their education to learn that they can give even if they have little and that they can make a difference in our world. My hope is they will carry this into adulthood.”

Sarah, High School Senior

“Last year, I participated in the Shower Strike, and it was very eye-opening to see how water affects our everyday life and how much we utilized the running water that we are blessed with in this country. Every time I take a shower I am conscious of how much water is going down the drain. I used to take 20-minute showers, but now I try to take 10-minute showers. I also turn off the water when I am brushing my teeth and just little things to try and help not use so much water.”

Colette, Second Grade Teacher

“I think that it really has taught the kids a lot of empathy and some of the things that they have taken for granted, they’ve realized that kids in other countries don’t have the same luxuries that we have... This is a global issue. This is so much bigger than us.”

Kaitlyn, Second Grader

“We did it to raise money because water is important. This will help kids in Kenya not get sick and get clean water.”


Your class can be a part of global impact.

Not only does Classrooms to Clean Water expand student knowledge of global water issues, but it also encourages them to be a part of the solution. Get your classroom involved today. Click the button below to email us.

Empower Your Class