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Travel with Well Aware

Do you love to travel? Are you passionate about making a difference in the world?


Be a part of Well Aware’s work on the ground while we implement life-saving sustainable clean water systems on our all-inclusive summer "Rafiki" trips to Kenya and/or Tanzania! For two weeks, you will travel with our team and be a part of meaningful work by drilling new wells, rehabilitating abandoned water systems, and interacting face-to-face with the communities. Be prepared to rise early and get your hands dirty in order to leave lasting, positive impact on the communities we serve. In addition to helping these communities, you will go on game drives, visit an elephant sanctuary, and experience East Africa in a unique way that you can only get with Well Aware.

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First of all we are so excited that you are considering joining Well Aware on the ground. These Rafiki trips are truly unique and unlike any other trip-- the people you meet, and the people you travel with, quickly become family. And with this being the 10th anniversary of the first well we drilled, we know this trip in particular, will be extra special.

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You start off being picked up at the airport and taken to a lovely hotel in Nairobi. Catch up on some Zzzz's because in the morning we will visit baby elephants, giraffes, and have a treat of a lunch at the Karen Blixen Cafe. The next morning we will hit the road as a caravan and head into the bush (in case you didn't know, the bush is Kenyan wilderness). We will go on multiple Safaris and enjoy sundowners (a beer while you look at wildlife!) and engage with different communities. We will likely host a medical clinic, visit projects that were recently completed, completed years ago, and if we're lucky - we will get to see water come pouring out of the ground during a brand new drill (currently, we are planning to drill with our partners at Ol Pejeta)! After more than a week of rising early and getting your hands dirty, you will have more than earned a few down days. We wrap up this in an amazing house, looking over the Indian Ocean and letting the former days soak in. Then - back to reality! We all go to the airport together and head back home, as Rafikis.

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  • All hotel stays (estimate of 10 nights/11 days)
  • All transportation from arrival to departure (private airport pick up and designated drivers for the entirety of the trip)
  • Internal flights (to Mombasa where we finish up the trip)
  • All game drives & excursions (including elephant and giraffe sanctuaries)
  • All meals, snacks, and water (including a unique meal here)
  • Tipping
  • 24/7 Tour Director


  • Your flight to and from Kenya
  • Your entry visa
  • Alcohol
  • Souvenirs
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This trip will be a small, intimate group and we expect these spaces to fill up quickly. To see if you think you would be a good fit, please fill out the Rafiki Application... and when you're ready to nail down your spot, please contact Lindsey Reed at lindsey@wellawareworld.org for instructions on how to make your $500 deposit.

PayPal button and payment schedule coming soon!


"My favorite things were playing with the kids, seeing the range of impact from building a new well in real time to visiting communities with wells built at varying times prior to our visit, the animals, the presentations from the tech team and from the community leaders/children; Mombasa--honestly I was so impressed by everything and how the trip was planned. It was absolutely amazing!"

"The Rafiki trip truly exceeded my expectations. The ability to work amongst the local communities, have such special interactions with the children and adults, and see the impact of our work and clean water was life altering. The trip was planned with such care and thought, the staff was so knowledgeable, professional and fun! And the animals and landscape were breathtaking. I can not say enough wonderful things about this experience, the incredible work of Well Aware and the feeling of being connected to a new "family" in East Africa that I hope to be able to visit on many occasions as a returning Rafiki. Thank you all SO much!!"

"This was the best trip ever <3!"

"Trip of a lifetime! Having access to small rural communities that would otherwise go unseen if it wasn't for the incredible work of Well Aware was extremely special and life-changing. The few days in Mombasa at the end of the trip was very also a favorite....Getting to relax and share your Kenya experiences with one another before returning home was unique and quite the bonding experience. I'll be friends for life with all of my fellow Rafiki's!"


Q: Do I have to be there for the full 10 days?

A: Not necessarily. Under unique circumstances we are sometimes able to accommodate shorter trips, but it all depends on the itinerary. To get the most out of the trip and enjoy the full experience we highly recommend being a part of the whole trip, finishing out with a few days relaxing on the beach and enjoying the views and warmth of the Indian Ocean.

Q: Are children allowed?

A: Children are considered on a case-by-case basis It’s a very raw and beautiful experience, which may be too much for the little ones.

Q: Are there payment plan options?

A: Yes! In fact, the way we plan these trips and the payment for them is via installment. After the initial deposit, there will be 3 more dates set at which time you will pay for another portion of the trip.

Q: Do I need any vaccinations?

A: Absolutely - you can reference the CDC website, or for a more streamlined option - we recommend visiting a Passport Health office near you. They will be able to provide the most up to date service and give you everything you need. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time ahead of the trip so you aren’t rushing towards the end.

Q: What about Malaria?

A: While Malaria is present in parts of Kenya, it’s not something to lose sleep over. Some people may choose to take preventative medicine, but it’s not necessary. Often, we just use Deet. It’s really the best option while on the ground and normally the only precaution the Well Aware team takes on their multiple trips each year.

Q: What do I wear?!

A: This is not a silly question at all! There is a packing list we provide which can be found here. Although in short, you’ll want to dress like you’re going on a light hike. For the ladies, no low cut shirts or very short shorts. Also, there’s no need to bring anything fancy on this trip. Casual clothes will be your best bet.

Q: What are the accommodations like?

A: We stay at safe, comfortable, and lovely accommodations. This varies for each trip, but normally we are in 4 star hotels, at names you are likely familiar with - with the exception of us visiting for a night or two at IPI which is very basic and extremely unique.


Please email Lindsey Reed at lindsey@wellawareworld.org for additional questions

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