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Volunteers across the globe unite and vow not to shower until they have each raised at least $1,000 toward life-saving water systems in Africa. Our nationally-recognized fundraiser enables anyone who wants to help Well Aware’s cause make a big impact in a short time. For the people we are helping, a clean drink of water is a luxury. A shower is unheard of. It's the least we can do to skip our showers for a week, so that others can survive and thrive.


Classrooms To Clean Water empowers the next generation of conscious global citizens to make a positive impact on the world.

Through interactive classroom activities, leadership development, and fun team fundraising activities, Classrooms to Clean Water educates young people on global humanitarian issues- such as low literacy rates and water scarcity- and empowers them to make a difference.

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Donations go directly towards our life-changing water systems in Africa and can be made in any amount. Every dollar makes a difference.

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Village members commit to recurring monthly donations to support Well Aware's growth and expand the impact of our clean water projects.

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The Water Walk will bring the challenge of finding clean water in places like Kenya to your company, school, or organization. Empower your group with perspective, empathy, global awareness and compassion for others - all while building morale and saving lives. Check out the overview below to see how you can get involved, and send us an email at if you want to set up a #WaterWalk.

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You can raise funds for clean water projects with a one-time campaign, or through an ongoing effort through Facebook! Run a 10K, start a lemonade stand, organize a talent show, host a bake sale, ride a bike-a-thon, whatever you want!

You can set up your own campaign on Facebook or contact us and we can help! Setting up a fundraiser on Facebook is a fairly easy process once you know where to go.

Here's how:

1. Go to the...

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We are proud to work with with businesses that have a desire to be a part of effective water aid! Check here for updated lists of our Brand Partners and information on how to join the fantastic companies that come together for clean water!

For more info on each brand partner please click on the image.


In addition to our Brand Partnership opportunities, Well Aware has sponsorship options for events and programs we have throughout the year. Click below to learn more about available sponsorship packages for all of our upcoming events!

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If you are interested in sponsporing a project and transforming a community, please email our Executive Director Sarah Evans: and she will reply promptly with more information.


You can raise funds for clean water projects with a one-time campaign, or through an ongoing effort – run a 10K, start a lemonade stand, organize a talent show, host a bake sale, ride a bike-a-thon, whatever you want!

We will create and host your personalized page on our website for you to send to your network. We will track your donations and help your campaign on social media (if you wish).

Interested in starting your own campaign? Contact us for your personalized campaign page today.


Looking for a unique twist to your birthday this year? Donate your birthday to provide life-saving, clean water to those who have none!


Do you like to travel? Are you passionate about helping those in need?

Serve like never before with Well Aware on our all-inclusive Summer 2018 trip to Kenya. For two weeks, you will travel with Executive Director, Sarah Evans and her team to serve thousands by drilling new wells, rehabilitating abandoned water systems, and interacting face-to-face with the communities. Be prepared to rise early and get your hands dirty in order to leave lasting, positive impacts on the Kenyan communities we serve. In addition to helping these communities, you will go on game drives, visit an...


During our Hurricane Harvey Relief work, we found a great need for water quality awareness and availability of clean water to drink. Many communities still had standing water throughout their small town for two weeks after the storm hit. This stagnant, contaminated water makes its way into the ground water, and many of the wells were producing water full of chemicals and bacteria.

We now know that we have the team and the expertise to help with water concerns when and where we are needed next. We are putting together a mobile water testing lab so that we can assist with water testing...


You can make a contribution by shopping smarter! When you shop through these platforms a portion of the price is donated to Well Aware:


We love volunteers! Well Aware hosts various events and campaigns throughout the year, and we couldn't do it without our dedicated volunteers helping us run the show.

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