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Brand Partnerships

We are proud to work with with businesses that have a desire to be a part of effective water aid! Check here for updated lists of our Brand Partners and information on how to join the fantastic companies that come together for clean water!

For more info on each brand partner please click on the image.

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The Concept

Well Aware is strategically seeking brand partners with businesses that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors, reach more customers and increase the value of their products or services through a philanthropic commitment. This commitment can ultimately increase sales for a business, convert customers into brand advocates all while expanding the water projects that Well Aware implements which results in saving lives and transforming entire communities.


The Opportunity

Increasingly, consumers want to make the world a better place with the goods and services they purchase. In the eyes of a consumer, when companies make the world a better place the purchase is no longer just a transaction, there's an ethical component, a chance to make a difference. When the ethical component is important enough, customers become brand advocates as they share their experience.

It is a true win-win for companies who can differentiate themselves and attract more customers in which they can be a part of a real solution to a critically important need. For Well Aware, we can build more water systems resulting in more communities transformed and lives saved through clean water.


The Right Partner

Brand your company with an international and unbelievably worthy cause. Join the global challenge for the most basic and fundamental elernent to human life - clean water.

Partner with a nonprofit that is the absolute expert in its field. Well Aware provides the most efficient and cost effective water solutions to date. Team with a nonprofit that has a 100% implementation success rate and whose water projects are still functioning and communities thriving as a result.


The Commitment

Partners donate a set amount per year or a percentage of revenue. We collaborate with partners on how best to commit and determine the strategy that works for their marketing and sales model.

Since we are efficient, sustainable and meet a basic need, the impact per dollar with Well Aware is the highest in the industry. $10.00 provides clean water to one person for 20-30 years. This statistic speaks volumes and can be a strong differentiator in consumer behavior.

Our partners are easily able to articulate this impact in real terms to their customers, based around their product or services.